Application for the investigation of discrimination

Kulcsszavak: discrimination, Equal Treatment Act, segregation, harassment, retaliation, equal opportunities, accessibility

Any person discriminated against on the basis of their protected characteristics (e.g. age, gender, disability, religion, nationality), may submit an application to the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights.

The application may be submitted:

Administrative proceedings may not be initiated by applications submitted by email.


The application shall include the following:


You may use an interpreter or sign language interpreter in the course of the procedure conducted by the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights. Please note that the application detailed above must specifically include the need for language arrangements and the involvement of a sign language interpreter.

Deadline for the client: the procedure may only be initiated if the breach became known less than 1 year ago, and/or occurred less than 3 years ago.

Deadline for the relevant authority: the procedure will be handled within 75 days of receipt of the application. If the interests of a minor are clearly threatened, this deadline is up to 45 days.

The Commissioner for Fundamental Rights conducts this procedure free of charge

Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, Directorate-General for Equal Treatment

If you disagree with the decision made by the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, you may appeal against the decision by bringing an appeal before the Budapest-Capital Regional Court within 30 days of delivery.

Administrative appeals may also be filed against the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights at the Budapest-Capital Regional Court if the Commissioner fails to provide a reply.

The official language of the procedure is Hungarian. Clients who do not know Hungarian may request that the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights consider their application in their native language or in a pivot language. If the foreign language used by a client is not spoken by the administrator, an interpreter has to be used.


The principle of equal treatment must be upheld also in the field of employment.

Employers may not differentiate between employees based on their protected characteristics.

Most common areas of discrimination include:


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