Consumer rights and guarantees related to buying goods and services, including procedures for consumer dispute resolution and compensation

Businesses must comply with the general commercial terms and rules on complaint handling described below.

Kulcsszavak: customer service, customers’ book, complaint, rejection, opening hours, contact details, consumer protection

Businesses conducting commercial activities are required to provide consumers with adequate information on the following: their registered office, the place where complaints are handled (if different from the place where marketing and sales are dealt with), complaint handling arrangements adapted to the individual characteristics of a specific activity, commercial form or method and the postal address and, if complaints are received in this way, email address, web address and telephone number of the business or its customer service department for the purpose of making complaints.

For businesses with shops, the above information must be provided in a clearly visible and legible manner. The obligation to provide information on conciliation boards must be carried out in a clear, comprehensible and easily accessible manner: in the case of businesses with websites, the information must be provided on the website; in the case of businesses with no website, in their general terms and conditions or, in the absence of general terms and conditions, in a standard document. Customers must be provided with clearly visible information on the name and registered office of the security service operating in the shop, the rules applicable to customers and the shop’s opening hours. In addition, traders are required to display their name and registered office on their vending machines, when selling from mobile shops and at occasional events. In addition to the general obligation to provide information, when selling to consumers, the conditions for method of service (measurement, calculation) and the marketing of certain products, set out in the legislation, also apply.

Stores are required by law to have a notarised customers’ book with continuously numbered pages accessible to consumers at a clearly visible location, without them having to ask for it. Consumers must be able to make comments (complaints, proposals) about the commercial activity conducted in that store without hindrance. Unless otherwise provided by law, businesses are required to provide a substantive response in writing to comments in the customers’ book or written complaints from consumers, within 30 days, and arrange for the disclosure of the said response. Businesses are required to state the reasons for their position when rejecting a complaint and provide information to consumers in writing about the authority or conciliation board where they may initiate proceedings for their complaint, depending on the nature of the complaint. The information must also include the head office, telephone, online contact details and postal address of the competent authority or the conciliation board of the consumers’ place of residence or stay.

If the above rules are violated, consumers may have recourse to the competent government office of their place of residence acting as consumer protection authority.

Applications may be submitted through the Client Gateway by visiting, selecting “Összes ügyleírás” (All case descriptions) > “F” > “Fogyasztóvédelmi beadvány, kérelem” (Customer protection submission/application) and then clicking on “Ügyintézés indítása” (Start administrative procedure).

The consumer protection authority may launch proceedings in cases where the breach occurred less than 3 years ago.

The administrative deadline for proceedings with the authority is 60 days.

Applications to conduct proceedings with the consumer protection authority must include the following:

The proceedings are free of charge.

Consumer protection department of the county (or metropolitan) government office

Decisions of the consumer protection authority may be appealed against in court.

Any information about how to appeal will be provided in the decision of the consumer protection authority.

Date of case description: 1 July 2020

Act CLV of 1997 on Consumer Protection

Act CL of 2016 on the Code of General Administrative Procedure

Government Decree 387/2016 (XII. 2.) on the appointment of a consumer protection authority


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