Applying for European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) gives persons eligible for healthcare services in Hungary the right to access medically necessary healthcare during a temporary stay in another EEA State or in Switzerland.

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Persons insured in Hungary may apply for a European Health Insurance Card personally or via a representative, in writing, or by post, using the application form intended for this purpose, at the Government Windows, or electronically through the Client Gate.

If all the necessary personal documents, or copies thereof, have been submitted, and the client is eligible for healthcare, i.e. there is no need for initiating a procedure for providing evidence of eligibility, the card will be issued within 8 days. Otherwise, if deficiencies need to be corrected, or evidence of eligibility needs to be provided, the entire procedure shall not exceed 60 days.

An EHIC may be applied for free of charge, except where a destroyed, damaged, lost or stolen EHIC needs to be replaced, in which case an administrative service fee is payable (HUF 3 000 under Section 29(1) of Act XCIII of 1990 on duties).

The EHIC is issued on application by the relevant Government Office, Government Window or the NEAK to persons eligible for healthcare services in Hungary.

If you disagree with the decision taken by the authority, you can appeal it before a court, in administrative court proceedings. The application initiating the proceedings must describe the harm caused by the decision. It must be submitted within thirty days after the notification of the decision (generally understood as its delivery). The administrative court proceedings will be resolved in the regional court having territorial jurisdiction over the place of the administrative act.

If you are insured in Hungary and have a permanent resident in Hungary or in any EEA member state, you are entitled to have an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

In order to apply for the card, you have to contact the local county government office.

Whenever you stay temporary in another EEA member state, EHIC covers the costs of any medically necessary healthcare services which cannot be postponed until you return to Hungary.

Please note that EHIC does not cover co-payments which has to be paid by the local insured persons too.


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