Entrepreneurial mentoring as part of the National Entrepreneurial Mentoring Programme.

Group professional mentoring on becoming a supplier and breaking into foreign markets.

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The government’s goal to motivate Hungarian-owned small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to provide high quality goods and/or services with a view to breaking into Hungarian and/or EU supply chains and developing further in this direction is behind the supplier subproject.

The primary objective of the foreign market subproject is to motivate small and medium-sized enterprises to break into international markets, expand the range of businesses that are capable of exporting, and provide assistance to companies already exporting so that they can expand their activities.

Future client SMEs have to submit an online request for support on the www.vallalkozztudatosan.hu website’s registration page (i.e. they must register).

Grant Contracts are concluded with successful applicants.

In the course of the one-year mentoring process, mentor enterprises and experts who have experience with suppliers and foreign markets help assess potential supplier and export SMEs (i.e. the area of the mentees to be developed) and offer support in developing supplier development plans and export strategies and in launching and expanding foreign trade activities.

The mentoring process consists of 11 occasions held on a monthly basis, with support provided by a supplier or foreign market mentor network consisting of experienced integrating companies and exporters, respectively, as well as third-party experts.

Before the mentoring process, the development needs of the companies are assessed with the use of an input self-assessment survey.

This will be followed by 8 interactive group exercises (mentoring) based on the e-learning materials and good practices in connection with the project.

The supplier subproject’s e-learning material consists of 7 and the foreign market sub-programme consists of 4 modules.

An opportunity is offered for 6 additional occasions of consultancy with individual experts.

At the end of the mentoring programme, as a result of the process, the mentee SMEs will prepare their own supplier development or export plans with the help of mentors and external consultants.

To close the mentoring process, the mentee SMEs are issued a certificate that may provide an advantage for participation in further export development projects.

The Grant Contract specifies the cases of failure to meet obligations and the consequences thereof.

The time limits pertaining to the client and the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Project Directorate are set out in the Grant Contract. The services are planned to be made available in this format until 30.09.2021, though they are expected to be kept accessible after this date, as well.

SMEs are required to provide the following data during the course of voluntary registration:
•    enterprise name;
•    contact address and contact information;
•    the enterprise’s representative participating in the training.

The SME has to register on the website to receive the materials offered by the programme, to apply for the programme, and to receive the assistance related to the raising of capital ( https://www.vallalkozztudatosan.hu/.)

The services are available to SMEs to the debit of their de minimis aid and are free in case of participation (from the aid component of their de minimis aid). In the course of its activities aimed at providing group professional mentoring for SMEs, the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry plays the role of the provider of aid as regards the benefits it transfers. The definition of de minimis aid (framework): de minimis aid is aid granted to a single undertaking over a given period of time that does not exceed a certain fixed amount, is deemed not to meet all the criteria laid down in Article 107(1) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and is therefore not subject to the notification procedure.

The Project Directorate of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

H-1054 Budapest, Szabadság tér 7., Hungary

BANKCENTER – Platina I. torony, VIII. emelet

The project website (https://www.vallalkozztudatosan.hu/) provides all applicants with detailed information on the programme details, contractual conditions, the current requirements that SMEs participating in the programme have to meet, and the attainable results. The system automatically checks the filtering conditions and the formal requirements, which checks are then repeated manually by employees.