Submission of the Hungarian translation of the text of a European patent

A European patent shall become effective in Hungary provided that the patent holder files with the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office the Hungarian translation of the claims of the European patent, and – if the language of procedure before the European Patent Office has been French or German – the English or Hungarian translation of the text beyond the claims of the European patent within three months from the date on which the mention of the grant is published in the European Patent Bulletin.

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Applicant or representative of a European patent application, holder or representative of a European patent.

The translation shall be prepared and filed with the HIPO in accordance with the detailed formal requirements specified in a separate legal act.

The possibility of electronic administration is available through the electronic administration system of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO) (available only in Hungarian)

Electronic submissions may be filed with the HIPO only by using the free-of-charge form provided for this purpose. The form can be accessed by clicking the Start Administration button.

In proceedings before the HIPO, electronic communication is possible only in a manner linked to identification, except for requests for information and their execution, as well as international patent cases.

Identification can be done in the following ways:

User identification system created by the HIPO, based on a one-time re-identification with the Central Authentication Agent.

Electronic signature with enhanced security is a minimum requirement.

When turning to the HIPO after identification through a partner card or the Central Authentication Agent, the HIPO will send its decisions, notifications and other calls made during the procedure to the client’s official electronic storage space.

It is important to emphasize that in case of identification with an electronic signature, the HIPO cannot communicate with its clients electronically and can deliver its decisions only on paper.

The filing procedure is as follows:

1. Download the form to your device. Filling out the form in a web browser is not recommended.

2. Login to the electronic administration system of the HIPO by using the Central Authorization Agent, partner card or electronic signature. If you have an electronic signature, please choose identification using an electronic signature with enhanced security.

3. Upload the filled form into the system. Based on the attachments marked in the form, a table will appear in which the attachments must be uploaded one by one. If you have already compiled these into a directory, you will easily find the right documents.

The size of files that can be attached to forms cannot exceed 150 MB each. The total size of the submission and all attachments may not exceed 300MB.

4. Indicate that you really intended to compile this submission, or look at the HTML submission summary.

The system compiles your submission, encrypts it and sends it to HIPO. HIPO sends an automatic notification about the arrival of the submission.

For more information on filing a European patent application, the granting procedure, and other patent procedures, visit:


There is no administration deadline defined in the applicable laws. The administrative deadlines laid down in the Act on General Public Administration Procedure do not apply nor do apply the provisions of the Act on General Public Administration Procedure which set a deadline for other measures of the acting authority.

Request that a translation of the claims of the European patent or, if necessary, the full text of the European patent be filed for the European patent to take effect in Hungary; Hungarian translation of the claims of the European patent; if the language of the proceedings before the European Patent Office was French or German, an English or Hungarian translation of the text of the European patent other than the claims; power of attorney, in the case of representation.

In the case of a European patent the fee for the publication of the translation is HUF 23 500, which is increased by HUF 3 500 for each page in excess of six pages of the text of the European patent.

All fees shall be payable to the account No. 10032000-01731842-00000000 of the Hungarian Intellectual Property  Office kept with the Hungarian State Treasury by bank transfer or money order, with the indication of data for identification (reference number or the registration number) and destination.

Hungarian Intellectual Prperty Office

The procedure for reviewing the decisions of the HIPO falls within the competence and exclusive jurisdiction of the Budapest-Capital Regional Court. Review of a decision may be requested by any party to the procedures before the HIPO, any person excluded from, or limited in, the inspection of files or any person whose legal status as a party to the procedure has been denied. Other participants in the proceedings before the HIPO may, in their own right, file an independent request for review against the relevant provision of the decision or the decision concerning them. The deadline for submitting a request for reviewing the decision is 30 days from the date of notification of the decision to the party or other party to the proceedings. The request shall be filed with the HIPO, but it shall be addressed to the Budapest-Capital Regional Court. A fee of HUF 10,500 must be paid when filing the request, in the case of electronic submission by bank transfer.

In the absence of a provision of an international treaty to the contrary, foreign applicants shall be represented by an authorised patent attorney or an attorney-at-law in all patent matters.

This provision shall not apply if the foreigner is a natural person or a legal entity whose permanent residence or domicile is in the territory of a Member State of the European Economic Area.

Please also be advised that the language of proceedings before the HIPO is Hungarian.

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